Routine maintenance

We offer routine maintenance to factory recommended service schedules. We specialize in late model exotic cars and have developed a suc
cessful service system that improves car reliability, and keeps our clients on the road longer. As cars become older design flaws and common mechanical failures become known. During routine service we can identify these flaws and develop simple modifications or implement aftermarket solutions with a higher quality then factory original parts. As cars become older owners find that needed parts become unavailable by the original manufacture. We have spent years building relationships with suppliers so we can always find those hard to find parts and material for our service projects. We’re able to offer you the best pricing on factory original parts and recommend specific fluid combinations to your vehicles use.

-Major service (timing belt service)
-Annual service (Replacement oil/pollen filter, bleed brakes, replace engine and transmission oil, Replace coolant, full mechanical inspection)
-Clutch replacement (Routine clutch replacement with improved aftermarket solutions to increase reliability)
-Brake service


Perhaps one of the most rewarding services we offer is our expert paint services. Our paint and body men have decades of experience refinishing exotics cars cosmetically. Our painters hold certifications from BASF and Glasurit in refinishing and paint work. We invested in a semi down draft spray booth which gives us a clean environment to prep and prime vehicles in then they are moved to a full downdraft booth for paint work. One of the most challenging issues owners will find is find a shop to correctly refinish body panels that look factory original with no evidence of paint work. We don’t blend in our shop. We refinish the full panel until we reach a seam or break in the body line. Our shop using exclusively Glasurit paint which is considered to be one of the finest in the world and used originally by manufactures. We take the time to correctly cure each finish allowing all chemicals to release giving you a surface that will not bubble or show imperfections from heat or sun exposure long term.

Don’t worry though, our painters normally work on full paint jobs but refinishing rock chipped bumper or curb rashed wheels is something we routinely tackle. Wheels are painted to factory paint code and magnesium wheels are our specialty.

Vintage maintenance

Owning a vintage vehicle can be one of the most rewarding ownership experiences for a true car aficionado. Owners find that the special knowledge, skillset, and tooling required maintaining these vehicles are a dying breed. Common services we offer for vintage vehicles include; carburetor rebuilding and tuning, valve adjustment and camshaft inspection, ignition distributor and points system rebuilds, cylinder head service and repair using modern materials to increase reliability, coolant/water damage repair to copper core radiators and aluminum cylinder heads, brake master cylinder and caliper restoration and rebuilding., we also repair and service older audio systems and gauges.


One of the most beautiful features of an Italian automobile is the leather and workmanship on the interior. Although exotic cars have the most supply leather offered to the auto market the downside is their long term durability. One will find that leather dash boards start to peel and seat bolsters starts to wear out. Canvas tops tend to rip and leak over long term use. One of the main issues owners will run into is finding a qualified upholster to remake interior components sourcing the correct material weather modern or historic that looks factory original. It’s a very detailed art form that we have successfully been able to develop a system for by having the in-house talent and the sources for correct material.

Modern leather dash boards have been found to be a common failure point as the years went on. Leather shrinking from UV exposure will eventually start to expose foam backing and fiberglass subsurface. We not only recover dashboards to look factory original but have implemented minor material replacements that add to longevity. Foam backing is known to break down so we sourced backing material that is intended for Aircraft cabin use that is UV and heat resident along with the glue used to assemble. Threads that fade out over time have been replaced with wax coated thread intended for the Boat upholstery business. With proper care and maintained we have been able restore and keep vehicles in new condition.

Seats can be reupholstered using factory original material and patterns or converted to Daytona style even when not originally offered. We are able to change material to Suede, Alcantara, and emboss headrests with various logos. Some owners find that factory original seats do not offer the support needed for spirited driving but do not have a bucket seat solution. We are able to source seats from popular manufactures such as Sparco and Recaro and reupholster them to look factory original. Seat height and location can also be altered to accommodate both tall and short drivers

Body work

For vehicles from the metal body era we offer hand fabrication of aluminum and
steel body panels. Using English wheels and power hammers we can fabricate complete replacement panels or remove sections of rust to prevent spreading. On modern vehicles such as a Ferrari F355 we offer ¼ panel welding to eliminate flex sections that cause paint cracks common to this model.

Vintage chassis repair is offered using original style oval and metric rectangular tubing using period correct welding techniques. We seam seal rust prone areas and can add additional drainage holes to prevent water collecting.

Carbon fiber and fiberglass repair is offered in house using wet layup and autoclave curing techniques. Fiberglass panels such as bumpers are repaired correctly using a system original intended for boat haul repair using original fiberglass sheeting. Owners will find the long term benefit of this compared to common body fillers which fail from even minor impact.