About Us

Bradan was established in 2009 by two brothers who noticed a void in the sports car market place in the tristate area. We found that owners had very limited options when it came to service centers, and nearly nonexistent was a “one stop shop” capable of providing a full range of mechanical, body and cosmetic services. In terms of Service, most owners are limited to dealerships that are trained to handle the current models, but as experienced Technicians get older and retire the model specific knowledge (and even the tooling for these vehicles) seems to retire with them. Further is the issue of Customer Service, if you don’t have multiple cars that were bought from the dealership, you were often bumped to the side and left waiting in favor of “preferred customers”.
  We discovered that Collision shops don’t take the time, nor have the expertise, to repair and paint a car to original standards. Even the hot rod shops that are great at painting and custom work are not familiar with, nor have interest in, exotic makes or models. The Upholstery shops don’t even have sewing machines anymore, they work off mail order covers and other pre-cut supplies of questionable quality. True Craftsmanship seemed to be a thing of the past. Our goal was to fulfill this need, and we believe our customers would say that we have accomplished this for the last seven years we have been in business.  


We started out as a bunch of kids just eager to work on cars we dreamed of; we knew nothing about running a business. We have had our fair share of growing pains along the way and learned most things the hard way, but it worked out because in just a few years , we have grown to become one of the top shops in the country. 75% of our clients are from out of state, 10% from overseas, and 15% local customers. Every day brings something new that challenges and teaches us, were very lucky to earn a living from a hobby and passion. “A bad day here is better than any day in a cubicle” is a common saying around the shop.

about us